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We all want healthy and happy pets. I found some tips that help keep my cats and dog healthy and happy.
I share my home with four rescue cats and a silky terrier mix who I adopted. Originally getting the YL oils for cat aromatherapy, I found benefits for me!

I found such benefits from Young Living Essential Oils- these are pure, medical grade essential oils and blends. They not only help my animals, but help me. The more I learn about the Young Living Essential Oils, the more in awe I am of their benefits, uses, and purity. The research is astounding. Modern science shows why these Young Living essential oils are beneficial, and modern science validates what the ancients found. For example, Frankincense turns out to be even better. Young Living products are known as pure and the best "from seed to seal."

Disclaimer: I am not a chemist, nor am I a medical doctor for humans or animals. The tips are either from either my personal experience or from the Young Living literature. This site is in NO WAY a prescription of any kind for humans or animals. I encourage you to do your own research, and check with your Medical Doctor or Vet. I did. 

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